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Best Online Courses for Civil Engineers to Learn Tekla (2024)


19 min read

November 19, 2023


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Imagine hearing these magic words that feel like a dream every time for any construction-based firm. Winning a tender bid feels rewarding for the whole team. All those sleepless nights and theoretical planning are now finally bearing fruit. A bid means another big project in the portfolio and much more cash in the bank. But soon, this gratitude fades with the dismay of schedule errors, cost overruns, material challenges, on-site errors, miscommunication, and more. These unforeseen variables make any civil engineer cry, “How did this happen when everything was going well?”. 

It is often observed that in big firms or projects, things usually go wrong because of poor planning and inadequate information sharing. So, what’s the way out of this?

Using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool Tekla Software from the start can help avoid the messy gap between the design intent and on-site execution.

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Before we get into the details, let’s learn a little bit about Tekla software, its importance, and some of its benefits. 

Tekla Brings Out The Best

Tekla Structures in Infrastructure

BIM is hailed as a game-changing tool with the ability to blur the boundaries between real and virtual. Thanks to Tekla, clients can now easily visualise their future projects without the hassle of imagining the outcome solely based on drawings on the sheets. For engineers, constructability is the heart of any successful project, and Tekla software takes care of that. Constructability is not just about 3D modeling. It lies in the fact that from any aspect of that 3D digital model, data can be extracted. With the help of the Tekla course, engineers can learn to use data to highlight how interdependencies impact one another as information changes. Tekla software brings together people, technology, and data so everyone can do their best work and communicate effectively.

It's time for structural engineers, fabricators, contractors, designers, detailers, and project managers to transcend these traditional limits at each construction stage. Various Tekla online course helps engineers develop accurate 3D models without complications. They can now create, combine, manage, and share information with remarkable efficiency about multi-material, accurate models.

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Growth, Only Upwards with Tekla Software

When it comes to the execution of the project, it is not just the design that matters. The pre-construction decisions made between designing, bidding, and kicking the project off are what matter most and determine the outcome. Success for such projects is almost guaranteed with Tekla. Let's learn further how significant the role of Tekla software is amongst engineers for the better efficiency of the project.

1. Efficient Collaboration

Tekla civil software ensures real-time collaboration between engineers, designers, contractors, and builders. No important information is missed, which leads to a well-planned structure, negligible errors, and reduced cost.

2. Accurate Estimates

Accurate models lead to accurate estimates for any construction project. Tekla training helps BIM engineers to curate precise estimates of the material required and time required to complete the project, which helps in the procurement process.

3. Increased Productivity

With in-built customisable options and tools, engineers can save a countable number of hours spent manually creating elements required in models of structures. This helps in creating models accurately, quickly, and efficiently.

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Gaining The Edge: Benefits of Tekla Course

 Efficient Collaboration through Tekla Structures

Futuristic designs, with biomorphic curves, gravity-defying elements, sleek materials, and bold angles, look like something dreamed up. But the same feels overwhelming when it comes to detailing in 3D models or execution on site. Enter Tekla software. With numerous algorithms and in-built functions, these designs can come to life without putting in extra hours. Here are some benefits of the Tekla course that engineers can use to design accurate yet detailed 3D models.

1. Error-free Precast Concrete Detailing

To err is human. However, one small error from an engineer can cause great trouble onsite. Increased project costs are one big side effect of such mistakes. Errors are usually caused by inadequate information between team members. Rework is done, which leads to the waste of material and time. With the Tekla online course, engineers can now identify and detect clashes even before the fabrication process begins, reducing on-site problems and reworks.

2. Virtual Building

Fostering seamless interaction with building information models is Tekla's superpower. Precast concrete detailing ensures precise, intelligent connections for a harmonious fit. With the Tekla course, engineers can now equip themselves with a preset array of specialised tools for the precast sector. Tekla software facilitates the creation of 3D components, enhancing the quality of information models and making design communication more effective.

3. Option For Customisation

Specialised tools for engineers are a great relief as they simplify structural steel detailing, incorporating smart connections, and modeling elements for them. Not just this, but complex fabrication reports and erection drawings—all of these have tailored solutions with the Tekla online course. These custom tools can be updated, shared, and efficiently managed within the company's environment, enhancing team productivity.

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Multidisciplinary Career Path with Tekla Course 

Did you know that the Indian government is now making use of the BIM tools mandate in the majority of public sector projects? Chenab Bridge, India’s highest rail bridge, and Lucknow Indoor Stadium are all projects made using BIM and Tekla Software. So, equipping yourself with such future-relevant software will give you an edge over others. With the increasing gap between industry demand and supply for Tekla-proficient engineers, the pay package offered to engineers who have mastered the software is pretty generous. 

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BIM-C A (Course Banner)

Top Online courses to Tekla Software in India

In a world where detailed 3D modeling and structural analysis seem to become ubiquitous, the convenience of building such 3D models with the help of Tekla Software is mind-bending. After the Indian government, many other established firms have also mandated Tekla software for civil and structural engineers. Hence, for young engineers who are looking to excel in their careers, learning Tekla online has become a must.

Just like a rainbow requires a little rain with all the sunshine, mastering Tekla civil software also requires a little effort to learn. Such ease and convenience come with learning a hefty amount of tools, options, algorithms, and customisations. But you’re not all alone in this. Given that everyone needs to start somewhere, we've compiled a list of the 5 best Tekla courses for fast learning and increasing your Tekla expertise.

1. Novatr


Course: BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: 7 Months 
Placement Assistance: Yes

Novatr is working towards creating a motivated community of engineers proficient in all BIM tools so that they can excel in their lives. Their BIM online course comes with hands-on experience, practical training, real-life case scenarios, learning from industry experts, individual doubt sessions, guaranteed mentor support throughout the course, and dedicated placement assistance. Seven months of online training will equip you with a complete understanding of Tekla software, its tools, processes, workflows, etc. Many students from this course have bagged an average of 60% hike in their CTC during placements. The course ends with guidance and mentorship on preparing a CV, Portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and interview process.

2. Skyfi Labs

Course: Tekla Structures
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: Flexible 
Placement Assistance: No

Focused attention is the one thing that keeps the majority of people from joining any online course. To omit this problem, Skyfi Labs keeps each batch of only ten students or less so that industry experts can provide their undivided attention to each student. This course prepares the students from beginner to advanced level, equipping them with a complete guide to Tekla software. The Tekla online course by Skyfi Labs also provides hands-on experience as the students get to work on real-time projects, which will increase their skills and help them with the practical application of the software.

3. Udemy

Course: Tekla Structures Advanced Training
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: 1 Month
Placement Assistance: No

Udemy is a trusted platform among students and young professionals who wish to upskill themselves with the necessary skills. There are many Tekla courses available on Udemy, but out of them all, the “Tekla Structures Advanced Training” course is one of the highest-rated and most recommended. This is an advanced-level course that comes with lifetime access to all the course materials and one-on-one doubt sessions. Alt text: Koenig Solutions.

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4. Koenig Solutions

Course: Tekla Structure: A Comprehensive Guide
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: Flexible
Placement Assistance: Yes

Tekla Structures software is becoming more and more globally recognised by reputed construction firms. A crucial tool employed for the design and modeling projects is emerging to revolutionise the 3D modeling of structures. If you are someone who works long hours and cannot dedicate a particular time slot because of uncertainty in your schedule, then this Tekla online course is for you. Koenig Solutions provides a flexible schedule to the students, through which they can attend the lectures at their convenience without hampering their routine. Students can learn from industry experts with customised training modules as per their pace and requirements.

5. Skill-Lync

Course: Analysis and Design of RCC & Steel Structures using Tekla Structural Designer
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: 3 Months 
Placement Assistance: No

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)-approved Tekla online course by Skill-Lync provides in-depth knowledge about the analysis and design of RCC and steel structures through Tekla software. This course fully equips professionals with all aspects of steel structures, i.e., designing, modeling, and analysis. This course will expose the students to Indian Standard (IS) Codes, which will help them understand the building and model it as per the certified norms. Towards the completion of the course, students are required to work on real-life cases, which further helps them build their portfolios.


If you have to choose between quality and productivity, you’re doing it wrong. Because with Tekla, you can get both. By now, you must’ve understood the power and capabilities of Tekla software. The majority of global firms from all over the world are making Tekla a mandate for engineers because of its countless benefits and precise models. 

If you wish to rise above mediocre standards, learn how to make complex designs come alive, and understand how to solve complex structural analyses without putting in long working hours, then head to Novatr’s BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers, which is one of the best places to learn Tekla software in  India. This course will make you a professional in your field where you can surpass the competition and bring value to your projects.

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