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List of Top 5 BIM Architecture Courses in Hyderabad in 2024


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October 12, 2023


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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a powerful tool that allows architects to digitally represent the physical and functional characteristics of a building. It serves as a platform where architects can plan, design, construct, and manage projects with a detailed 3D model for visualisation. Additionally, BIM serves as a centralised platform for real-time information sharing, promoting effective collaboration.

A powerful tool for architects, BIM enables well-informed decision-making throughout the project’s lifespan, from the designing phase to the construction phase. It also aids in assessing structural integrity, clash detection, cost estimation, and the building’s environmental impact.

This blog will discuss what BIM is for architects and the top BIM courses in Hyderabad to help you upskill and grow your career.

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What is BIM for Architects?

BIM has turned out to be a game-changer for architects, providing them with a platform to revolutionise the way designs are conceived, designed, and executed. It enhances visualisation for architects, enabling them to create detailed 3D models and providing a realistic understanding of the projects. This helps refine the designs with accuracy. Besides, BIM also facilitates collaboration among all stakeholders of the projects, fostering an integrated workflow. Moreover, architects can simulate and test design options, assess their environmental impact, and create innovative solutions with BIM. Ultimately, BIM empowers them to elevate their work quality and streamline the architectural process to deliver cost-efficient projects on time.

Given these benefits, most architectural companies are looking for architects with BIM skills, making it imperative for architects to enrol themselves on BIM architecture courses.

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Benefits of BIM for Architects


BIM has reformed the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry and offers a range of benefits for architects. Embracing BIM not only will propel architects to the forefront of the industry but will enable them to create innovative, efficient, sustainable, and visually stunning architectural marvels. Take a look below to learn the benefits of BIM for your career:

1. Innovative Exploration

Providing you with a platform to create 3D models virtually, BIM enables you to experiment with various design concepts and assess their constructability by simulating them in real-world scenarios. This freedom fosters creativity, allowing you to push boundaries and design innovative and sustainable designs, the current trend in the industry.

2. Technological Competency

Streamlining the architectural process, BIM allows you to create detailed 3D models virtually with accurate specifications. This reduces errors and revisions and saves time and resources. It also encourages collaboration among interdisciplinary teams, leading to well-coordinated and integrated design. Also, since BIM technology is continually evolving, staying up-to-date with the latest BIM tools and techniques demonstrates your ability to adapt to changing industry standards.

3. Career Advancement

There is a global demand for architects with BIM proficiency. Many countries are adopting BIM standards, some have even made BIM compulsory for projects. Thus, major architectural firms are seeking architects who can navigate BIM software. Besides, BIM also opens avenues for leadership roles, as it gives you the knowledge and skill to manage complex projects efficiently.

BIM-A A (Course Banner) (1)

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5 Most Demanding BIM Architecture Courses in Hyderabad in 2024

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry is dynamic, and architects always have a scope for upskilling and adding advanced skills to their portfolio. BIM is an emerging technology in the field and can help you meet your career aspirations expeditiously. Below are a few BIM architecture courses in Hyderabad that can help you upskill.

1. Novatr

BIM-A A (Intro card)-1-1

Duration: Six months
Mode: Online

Novatr offers a six-month BIM online course for architects with an industry-relevant curriculum specially designed by BIM experts from leading firms across the world. You will learn BIM skills from experts working in firms like Arup, Cooper Carry, and Hammer Lassen.

The course aims to equip learners with an understanding of BIM processes and software knowledge spanning BIM modelling, cloud collaboration, information management, clash detection, and visual programming. This Online BIM Architecture Courses includes 7+ BIM software with guaranteed career guidance. At the end of the course, you will also get to employ your learnings and skills on a live RIBA-structured capstone project collaboratively, guided by design experts. You will also get dedicated mentor support for quick query resolution and personalised feedback.


  • Introduction to BIM
  • Basics of BIM Modelling
  • Advanced BIM Modelling
  • Information Management
  • 3D Visualisation
  • BIM Processes and Industry Workflows
  • Team Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Workflow
  • BIM Coordination using Navisworks
  • Elective Subjects – Dynamo / Sustainability Tools / Primavera


Novatr’s BIM technology course comes with guaranteed placement assistance throughout your career. With a BIM certificate from Novatr, you can secure positions at MNCs like DAR, Techture, TATA Consulting Engineers, and Colliers with an average salary hike of 60%.

2. Pixxel Arts Animation and Visual Effects

Duration: One and a half months for each module
Mode: Not specified

Pixxel Arts offers a Revit course in Architecture, Structures, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This BIM course in Hyderabad is designed for professionals across many industries and equips them with the knowledge to develop better-quality designs, help reduce risk, and improve project delivery.


  • Introduction to BIM course
  • Different Revit versions
  • Creation of a new project
  • Modelling Basics
  • Sketch-based Modelling Components
  • Visibility and Graphic Controls
  • Schedules and Tags
  • Annotation and Details


Pixxel Arts Animation and Visual Effects offers placement assistance and their students have landed jobs in designing companies across the country like Gameloft, TATA Elxsi, Animation Xpress.com, and EFX.

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3. Smart Multimedia Training and Services

Duration: One and a half months
Mode: Online / Offline

Smart Multimedia Training and Services Institute offers a Revit BIM course in Hyderabad that equips you with the knowledge to create interior and exterior 3D layouts for real-time architecture. You will learn to create individual and commercial buildings 3D designs. The target job roles upon completion of the course include Architecture Designer, 3D Architecture, Architecture Interior Designer, Exterior Designer, and Layout Designer, Building Walk-throughs.


  • Introductory course for Revit
  • BIM Introduction
  • Revit Architecture Basics
  • Viewing the Model
  • Starting a New Project
  • Walls and Curtain Walls
  • Floors and Roofs & Stairs and Railings
  • Adding Families & Rooms and Colour Fill plans
  • Creating Plan Annotation
  • Symbols


Smart Multimedia Training and Services Institute claims to offer 100% placement to students after they complete its BIM course in Hyderabad. Their hiring partners include Aditya Music, Curious Minds, DigiMart, 99 TV, and Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd.


Duration: Not specified
Mode: Not specified 

CANTER CADD offers a Revit (Architecture) course that covers all BIM workflow processes by Revit. It teaches students how to boost efficiency and streamline outline and documentation work processes in Revit. The BIM software course will help students learn how to develop accurate architectural designs and capture and analyse concepts using BIM tools. The course and curriculum are designed based on industry trends. Periodic assessments are also conducted to help you prepare for job interviews and grow your technical knowledge.


  • Introduction to BIM and Revit Architecture
  • Draw and Modify Walls
  • Dimensions and Constraints
  • Create Floors, Roofs, and Ceilings
  • Conceptual Models
  • Annotations, Legends, and Schedules
  • Materials and Lighting
  • Massing and Site Design
  • Link Projects and Collaboration
  • Design Phase


CANTER CADD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a USA-based recruitment platform, TrustLogics, which helps students create their profile on their platform and apply for jobs. Builder Exhibitions, L&T, Miltec Equipment & Systems, Viraat Interiors, Rolon Seals, and Ameya 360 are a few firms where students have secured placements.

5. AndroBIM

Duration: Not specified
Mode: Not specified 

AndroBIM offers a Revit BIM course for architects to help you learn to design accurate and cost-effective projects. The online BIM course includes topics like drafting, 3D modelling, and rendering. The course prepares for job titles like 3D Architecture, Architecture Designer, Architecture Interior Designer, Layout Designer, and Exterior Designer.


  • Revit Fundamentals
  • Basic Modify and Reporting Tools
  • Modelling Essentials
  • Core and Shell
  • Building Structure
  • Site Tools
  • Schedules and Tags
  • Annotation
  • Managing your Projects
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Analysis
  • Worksharing and Collaboration
  • Construction Modelling
  • Advances Modelling

Placement: No info available

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The AEC industry is the second slowest industry to adopt the technology. However, as it is slowly but steadily becoming technology-friendly, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for industry professionals. BIM has tremendous benefits on offer, representing a gateway to a future when technology meets creativity to create aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and sustainable solutions. By equipping yourself with the latest BIM techniques and knowledge, you are not just becoming proficient in BIM, but embracing the future of architecture. The top 5 BIM certificate courses in Hyderabad discussed above can prove to be a turning point in your career.

While most of them offer Revit BIM courses, you can enrol yourself in the BIM architecture course offered by Novatr to learn more than 7 BIM software from the industry experts themselves. Novatr’s courses are a great option for those looking to enrol in a BIM course in Hyderabad. You will get the opportunity to apply and polish your skills in a RIBA-structured capstone project.

Also, to know more about the latest trends prevailing in the industry, head to our resources page now!