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Top 6 Online STAAD.Pro Courses For Civil Engineers in 2024

Juhi Goyal

14 min read

November 19, 2023


Table of Contents

STAAD.Pro is a widely used software application for structural analysis and design in civil and structural engineering. It was developed by Bentley Systems and used by engineers and designers to analyse and design various structures, including buildings, bridges, dams, towers, and infrastructure projects. STAAD.Pro offers tools for structural analysis, including finite element analysis (FEA), dynamic analysis, and static analysis. It allows for the evaluation of factors, like stresses, displacements, and deformations, that are crucial for ensuring structure safety and performance. The software also offers design capabilities, allowing engineers to design structural elements based on international design codes and standards. STAAD.Pro supports a wide range of materials and design criteria, making it versatile for different engineering projects.

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Benefits Of Learning STAAD.Pro Software

 Steel building design using STAAD.Pro

Learning STAAD.Pro software, either offline or through a STAAD.Pro online course, can offer several career benefits, including career advancement, staying updated with technological advancements, and the ability to work on innovative structural designs. These benefits not only enhance your professional skills but also open doors to higher-paying positions and leadership roles in the civil and structural engineering industry. Here are three key benefits:

1. Career Advancement

Increased Employability: Proficiency in STAAD.Pro makes you a more attractive candidate for employers in the civil and structural engineering field. Many companies actively seek engineers with experience in this software.

Higher-Paying Positions: As you gain experience and expertise in STAAD.Pro, you become eligible for higher-paying positions. You can take on more complex projects and responsibilities, which often come with greater financial rewards.

Leadership Roles: Advanced knowledge of STAAD.Pro can lead to opportunities for leadership roles in structural engineering firms or construction companies. You may become a project manager, overseeing the design and analysis processes.

2. Staying Updated with Technological Advancements

Technology Degradation: Learning STAAD.Pro ensures that you remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in structural analysis and design.

Efficiency and Accuracy: STAAD.Pro offers advanced analysis and design features, which can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy in your work. This is crucial for meeting project deadlines and ensuring the safety and integrity of structures.

BIM Integration: Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. STAAD.Pro can be integrated with BIM software, allowing you to work in a collaborative, technology-driven environment.

3. Innovative Structural Design

Design Flexibility: STAAD.Pro enables engineers to explore innovative and creative structural designs. With its 3D modelling capabilities and advanced analysis tools, you can experiment with unique architectural features, unconventional load-bearing systems, and sustainable design solutions.

Performance: STAAD.Pro allows for performance-based design, where civil engineers can optimise designs to meet specific performance criteria. This is crucial for achieving objectives related to sustainability, resilience, and energy efficiency.

Specialised Structures: Learning STAAD.Pro opens doors to working on specialised structures like skyscrapers, bridges, industrial facilities, and unique architectural projects. These experiences can be professionally fulfilling and make your portfolio more diverse and attractive to clients and employers.

BIM-C A (Course Banner)-Nov-19-2023-11-41-05-6269-AM

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Top 6 Online Courses To Learn STAAD.Pro.Software For Civil Engineers

1. BIM Professional Course For Civil Engineers By Novatr

BIM-C A (Intro card)-Nov-19-2023-04-27-08-8574-PM

Mode: Online
Duration: 7 months

  • Basics of BIM
  • Modelling Parametric Structure Families
  • 10+ BIM Software like Revit, Tekla, and STAAD.pro
  • BIM for Infrastructure
  • BIM Coordination and Workflow
  • 4D and 5D BIM Modelling
  • Model-Based Clash Detection and Coordination

Novatr provides a seven-month online BIM course for civil engineers that uses over ten BIM software programs such as Revit, Tekla, ETABS, and STAAD.pro. This STAAD.Pro online course includes a live capstone project, guided interviews, portfolio evaluation, LinkedIn profile optimisation, and personalised mentor support, assuring hands-on experience developing accurate BIM models.

2. STAAD-STR-001 By SQVE Consultants

Mode: Online
Duration: 60 days

  • Overview of the IS Codes
  • Load application for Dead load, Live load, Wind load, Seismic load, etc.,
  • Interpretation of the results – Statics check, deflected shape, mode shapes, etc.    
  • Understanding the basics of Structural Dynamics  
  • FEM design in STAAD.Pro 
  • Design - Steel design and Concrete design in STAAD.Pro 

This STAAD.Pro online course is specifically created for students and working professionals without exposure to STAAD.Pro software and wish to learn it from the ground up. The training programme will cover STAAD.Pro functions ranging from basic to advanced. Geometry generation, placement of columns and beams, application of loads, interpretation of analytical results, design of major elements, and so on will be covered for RCC and steel structures. The training will cover advanced topics such as structural dynamics and FEM with STAAD.Pro.

3. STAAD.Pro. Training Course By CETPA

Mode: Online or Offline
Duration: Not defined

  • Introduction to STAAD.Pro
  • Structural modelling
  • Other useful function to complete the geometry
  • Property details
  • Member
  • Loading particulars
  • Import /export modules
  • Modelling
  • Analysis
  • Post-processing
  • Steel design
  • Seismic analysis
  • Wind load analysis
  • Design of elevated water tanks
  • Design of slabs
  • Design of foundation (STAAD foundation)

The top STAAD.Pro training institute in Delhi NCR is CETPA INFOTECH. Their STAAD.Pro online course teaches how to use STAAD.Pro for 3D structural analysis and design. Some parts of the course include solving the impacts of force, design analysis, and understanding IS codes.

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4. Analysis and Design of Buildings using STAAD.Pro  By Skill Lync

Mode: Online 
Duration: 3 months 

  • Introduction to Basics
  • Modelling of RC Building
  • Input Generation
  • Load Generation
  • Analysis of the Model
  • Output Interpretation
  • Introduction to Steel Structures
  • Modelling of Steel Building

The Analysis and Design of Industrial Structures using STAAD.Pro is a three-month certification STAAD.Pro online course by Skill Lync, designed to enhance civil engineering students' understanding of industrial steel frames. The course covers load calculation, building design parameters, STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, and hands-on projects for designing buildings according to industry specifications. It also covers interpreting outputs.

5. STAAD.Pro. Training Program By IFS Academy

Mode: Online and Offline
Duration: 1-2 months

  • Design & analysis with finite element meshes, structural models
  • Design beams, columns, walls and resisting frames
  • Design to international design standards
  • Loads and load combinations
  • Integrate slab and foundation designs
  • Model reinforced concrete, steel
  • Structural design documentation

Bentley Systems Authorised Structural Design & Analysis using STAAD is available at IFS Academy online training in four flavours. Following completion of these courses, you will be skilled in the STAAD.Pro tool for performing various structural design and analysis case studies/projects. Their classes will show you how to finish STAAD.Pro interface, how to execute various types of analysis, how to post-process the findings, and work on high-end analyses such as RCC design, Steel Design, Seismic Analysis, Wind Load Analysis, FEA, Water Tank, Machine Foundation, and other miscellaneous analysis.

6. STAAD.Pro. Training Course By Sarva Sudarsanaa Academy

Mode: Online and Offline
Duration: Not defined

  • Basics of STAAD.Pro
  • Some Basic Terminologies
  • 2D and 3D Modelling in STAAD.Pro
  • Advanced Tools in STAAD.Pro
  • Analysis of Building - Part 1
  • Analysis of Building - Part 2
  • Advanced Detailing of Structures
  • Footing and Slab

SSA offers Bentley STAAD.Pro training in Chennai, tailored to global industry requirements. The course is designed with a customised syllabus and offers flexible timings. The trainers are certified and experienced, providing quality services. This one-to-one course is a complete set, making it more comfortable and productive. SSA also provides customised target planning, regular workshops for knowledge enhancement, and project-oriented software training with numerous case studies from various industries.

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Bentley Systems' STAAD.Pro is a crucial civil and structural engineering software, offering capabilities like finite element analysis, dynamic analysis, and static analysis. It ensures structural safety and performance, offering career benefits, higher pay, and leadership roles. There are various online courses available to help individuals acquire proficiency in STAAD.Pro, making it an essential skill for aspiring and established civil and structural engineers.

For civil engineers, Novatr offers a BIM Professional Course for civil engineers taught by industry experts with years of real-world experience. You will also get the opportunity to work on real-world projects. Visit our Resources page to learn more about AEC careers and software.

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