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5 Best BIM Courses for Civil Engineers in Kerala in 2024


8 min read

December 28, 2023


Table of Contents

What Is Building Information Modelling?

How do you think these skyscrapers that stand tall and intimidate urban fabrics are being built? How long do you think the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, took to be constructed?

The answer is six years! And the how is simple - Building Information Modelling or BIM. 

While we all are trying to map out urban planning, the infrastructure is bound to grow with the growing demands. We need to catch up, and create functioning spaces as per requirement. For the construction part of buildings, we focus on skilled labour, automation, safe tools, and so much more. But what do we do about the designing, management, and optimisation? 


In this blog, we will learn how BIMming is equally important for civil engineers and how BIM courses for civil engineers can be helpful when it comes to upskilling and staying relevant in the construction industry. 

Building Information Modelling or BIM, is synonymous with collaboration and is a holistic approach to designing buildings in today’s day and age. BIM is a process that helps in creating a virtual twin, which is used in planning, designing, constructing, and operating a building via information. BIM also allows various stakeholders to visualise and experience a simulated rendered vision that helps them identify any potential clashes. 

After project completion, BIM assists with precise geometry and relevant data information. This data helps with procurement, fabrication, design, operation, construction, and maintenance. 

BIM becomes an indispensable tool for designers, and any other stakeholder involved in the construction project. While that is true, it is equally important for civil engineers to learn these tools and processes and enrol in BIM modelling courses. This would result in better collaboration, communication, optimisation, and time and cost efficient processes.

What is BIM for Civil Engineers?

Civil Engineering is a professional discipline that aligns with design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as canals, bridges, roads, dams, airports, sewage, pipelines, and railways. Many engineers are under the misconception that ‘building’ in Building Information Modelling only concerns buildings, but this is far from the reality. The benefits of BIM in civil engineering are broad enough to be utilised in the construction project lifecycle. 

BIM in civil engineering

BIM is used in a construction project lifecycle in the following ways:

  • Conceptualisation
  • Capturing site conditions 
  • Detailed Designing 
  • Performing Analysis and Simulations 
  • Coordination and Collaboration
  • Cost Reduction
  • Clash Detection
  • Improving sequencing and scheduling 
  • AR/VR
  • Repairs, maintenance or any improvements

This broad spectrum of application makes BIM courses for civil engineers in demand and something that is a must with the coming wave of digital technologies.

What are the Future Prospects of BIM

BIM share market

BIM has been in the spotlight in recent years, with the market size growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15% over a span of seven years. Building Information Modelling is making its place as a transformative force in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. With the growing need of BIM as a technology, the requirement for skilled BIM professionals is also rising exponentially. As a result, this also guarantees high-paying jobs and a mandatory skill for an aspiring individual in the industry. Right and timely upskilling makes a promising career and requires enrolling in a BIM course for civil engineers and learning the in-trend tools and processes. 

The Scope of BIM Courses

Building Information Modelling is a process that empowers stakeholders involved in a construction project, enhancing collaboration in a single 3D model. Many regions have started reaping the benefits of BIM in a construction project lifecycle and have shifted to comprehensive techniques from traditional methods. 

And with the growing demand for using such processes, the need for skilled professionals is bound to expand. And at a point like this, BIM courses for civil engineers become the wand that makes buildings happen! With these courses, students or professionals learn navigating dynamic construction technology and take a step beyond technical proficiency, by understanding construction elements, learning management, collaboration, and so much more. 

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Top 5 BIM Courses in Kerala

BIM courses in civil engineering

We understand that going through endless links and finding a BIM course in Kerala can get overwhelming. Let’s read through this list of BIM courses for civil engineers and explore what these institutes have to offer to help one upskill.

1. Novatr

Course Name: BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers 
Mode: Online
Duration: 7 months 

Novatr offers one of the best BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers which is industry relevant and updated with all the trends. This course has support from RIBA and Autodesk-certified professionals that help civil engineers to kick start their BIM careers. This course is designed for civil engineers to gain hands-on experience through global mentorship, collaborative real-world projects, and live sessions. With a hike growth up to 60%, Novatr ensures complete career readiness via networking, tailored guidance, and placement assistance. Upon completion, students receive a certificate from Autodesk, NSDC, and Novatr.

2. CADD International

Course Name: Civil CAD
Mode: Online/Offline
Duration: NA

CADD offers online and offline courses to civil engineering professionals and if you’re looking for BIM courses in Kerala, you can opt for centres located in Thrissur, Kochi, and Calicut. This institution provides practical education that makes use of advanced technology and software. The curriculum of this course helps graduates secure high-paying jobs in project management, engineering, and construction. This BIM course mainly focuses on modelling and analysis of a building/structure which helps with understanding construction better.

3. IFS Academy

Course Name: PG Diploma Career Program in BIM and Structural Design and Analysis Online Training Course
Mode: Online
Duration: 4 months 

IFS Academy offers a BIM Professional Course for civil engineers by helping them gain hands-on experience with software training, live webinars, and other soft skills. This BIM course for civil engineers understands collaborative project work, experience placement assistance and networking, along with interacting with industry experts and experienced faculty. Upon completion, students receive a certificate from Autodesk, Bentley Systems, and IFS academy. 

4. CADBIM Centre

Course Name: Civil Infrastructure BIM
Mode: Online/Offline
Duration: 100 hours 

CADBIM offers an overall career development along with job-oriented training in the Civil Infrastructure BIM Program that help learners gain expertise in civil engineering. The modules in the course are designed according to the standards, underlining the various levels of developments and clash coordination of projects like roads, highways, bridges, etc. This BIM course in Kerala also specialises in software training in Civil 3D, Navisworks, Recap, Dynamo, etc. 

5. Adi Institute

Course Name: Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Mode: Offline/Online
Duration: 180 hours 

Adi Institute offers international certification in BIM with Autodesk certification and software training that opens up career opportunities for civil engineers. This course comes with a detailed curriculum design that talks about the BIM strategy, how to use BIM in construction, handover, and operations. This BIM course in Kerala helps learners to explore team building, professional networking, international opportunities, etc. 


As we gaze towards the future of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Kerala, we can see how the influence of technologies like BIM is ready to take over the AEC industry. The adoption of BIM technologies is anticipated to become a standardised practice, making individuals future-proof their careers. Moreover, with most regions aiming for sustainable development and digital transformation, BIM skills have become mandatory to acquire. The ability to integrate BIM with emerging technologies, industry trends with the help of skilled professionals will become a key differentiator and lead the change in Kerala.  

The journey towards mastering BIM is the path to becoming a valuable asset in a dynamic sector like the AEC industry in Kerala. In order to walk hand-in-hand with the technology that drives the construction industry, upskilling at the right time becomes important. And that’s where Novatr’s BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers becomes your ultimate guide to staying relevant in the industry and walking the walk of guaranteed success

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