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Top 5 BIM Architecture Course in Nagpur in 2024


19 min read

October 30, 2023


Table of Contents

“You got a dream, you gotta protect"
                       - The Pursuit of Happyness

You may be wondering why this blog starts with a quote from the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Today, we are talking about the pursuit of excellence and this quote applies to the pursuit of excellence too! Especially if you belong to the AEC industry. If you have a dream that you’ll be a successful architect with booming career growth, you have to strengthen it by staying up-to-date with industry trends and being equipped with the software and tools needed for it. 

With the AEC industry completely moving towards digitisation, it’s no secret that BIM is booming at a CAGR of 13.7% during the next few years. When the growth of BIM is estimated to be valued at a jaw-dropping 15 billion USD by 2028, can upskilling in BIM be considered an afterthought?

Young architects are now choosing BIM architecture courses for a financially rewarding path. So, if you want to propel your career to new heights, let's learn about BIM in more detail.

Global Forecast of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Market

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What is BIM?

Think of it like a genie that does all your work for you, if given the right input. A tool that has the power to make your designs a reality. BIM is a digital process that collates all the information from conceptualisation to the final management of an AEC project. This requires the use of design and data-management software like ArchiCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Vectorworks Architect, and many others. With the BIM online course, one can go beyond the conventional 2D drawings and step further to incorporate 4-D (time), 5-D (cost), 6-D (sustainability), 7-D (operation), and 8-D (safety) information within models. 

The Path to Innovative Exploration with BIM

Now that we’ve learnt about many D’s of architecture, let's learn about the role of I’s in it. If the AEC industry is the canvas for ideation and innovation, then BIM is the paintbrush that runs through the landscape of designing, planning, managing, and constructing structures. BIM is one of the most influential catalysts of innovation for architects. Revolutionising the industry through enhanced collaboration, efficient decision-making, and stakeholder involvement, BIM empowers architects to think beyond traditional concepts and reshape the design process from inception to completion. Let's read further about what benefits this powerful tool has for architects and how it helps in innovative exploration.

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Benefits of BIM for Architects

 Very few architects have the luxury of cushioned deadlines from their clients to experiment more with the designs. The learnings from a BIM architecture course allow architects to quickly work up their designs in a digital format. They also get the ability to make easy modifications to gain a greater understanding of the client’s needs. Apart from time savings, here are some additional benefits for architects who leverage BIM:

1. Improved Design

Errors happen. Either you forget to label something important in your drawings or something else gets missed. By enrolling in a BIM architecture course, architects can avoid these mistakes and present an error-free design. BIM automatically detects clashes and errors and allows the architects to correct their design and improve its efficiency. 

2. Better Collaboration

Gone are the days when blueprints were shared to bring forth the valuable input of other stakeholders. When the model of the structure is shared and made accessible to all the team members, better collaboration is guaranteed. Architects can now upload the models on one platform which can be accessed by any collaborator anytime, anywhere.

3. Greater Transparency

BIM shows building or infrastructure projects in their entirety. With such transparency, no design gap goes unnoticed. Today’s forward-thinking architects aim to limit needless requests for information by making the model accessible and information more transparent to everyone. BIM makes designs more transparent for quicker sign-offs. 

4. Higher Levels of Client Satisfaction

The majority of the clients that come to architects have a vision for their future home, shopping mall, or office but they lack the details needed for perfection. When architects present them with the design, architects are bombarded with what-if scenarios. What if we add more windows? What if we remove that wall to make the room spacious? BIM allows the architects to make those changes on the spot. This can impress clients and lead to higher client satisfaction.

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Career Advancement for Architects through BIM Course 

Even though architects put in long working hours, they are still underpaid as compared to other professions. How can one survive and be motivated to work in the creative field with salary structures that years to ramp up? A BIM architecture course can change this story. 

  • Variety of career opportunities like BIM Modeller, BIM Engineer, BIM Consultant, etc. 
  • BIM-skilled architects earn 40% higher than the industry average. 
  • BIM architects can see exponential growth based on their skill set and project management abilities. 

Read on further to know more about BIM online courses and some of the best places to learn BIM courses in Nagpur to get the salary hike you’ve always wanted. 

BIM-A A (Course Banner)

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Best Places to Learn BIM in Nagpur

Finding the right BIM online course that promises a comprehensive dive into the intricacies of BIM is the most crucial step in beginning the learning journey. In this pursuit of excellence and finding the right BIM course details, it’s important to consider all factors like course fees, timeline, and placement opportunities as per the Indian context, so that a balanced investment is there in one’s professional growth. Below are the top 5 BIM courses in Nagpur to learn BIM for architects: 

1. Novatr

BIM-A A (Intro card)

Course: BIM Professional Course for Architects
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: 6 Months 
Placement Assistance: Yes

AEC is Broken. Novatr is Here to End Exploitation! There is a major gap regarding the upskilling of young professionals in the AEC industry. Novatr is here to take up the challenge and fill this education gap. Their one-of-a-kind BIM course features a specialised, career-relevant curriculum designed and delivered by BIM experts from globally leading firms. Six months of online part-time study will equip you with a complete understanding of BIM processes and software knowledge. Learners get to apply their learnings on real-time projects. The course ends with guidance and mentorship on preparing a CV, Portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and interview process. 

2. Admire Tech

Course: Diploma in BIM Building Information Modeling
Mode of Learning: Offline 
Duration: 3 Months 
Placement Assistance: Yes (Guaranteed 1 Month Internship)

This 3-month BIM course in Nagpur trains architects with AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, project management, and visualisation. All these software collaborate to complete the BIM process. Admire Tech provides the students with course material and books within the first week of the course. Upon reaching the mid-point in the course, each student will be eligible for one interview with the companies for their placement. Admire Tech also guarantees a one-month internship to each of their students at the end of their course. These students will have the chance to secure a job at these firms after the completion of their internship. 

3. Techno Struct Academy

Course: BIM Ready (Arch + Structure)
Mode of Learning: Online 
Duration: 4.5 Months 
Placement Assistance: Yes

This BIM course in Nagpur focuses on conceptual design, sustainable design, construction documentation, etc. with the help of BIM. They have the faculty of top institutes and top architectural firms to guide the students throughout their modules. Post the completion of the course, each student has to submit a final project for their internship. Each module ends with a one-on-one doubt-solving session. Techno Struct Academy (TSA) provides their students with a lifetime membership to their placement cell along with free access to their digital library which consists of data on Revit Architectural Modeling. 

4. F6 Design & Training Solution

Course: Certification in BIM
Mode of Learning: Offline 
Duration: 130 Days (Training-85 days & Project-45 days) 
Placement Assistance: Yes

F6 Design and Solutions has designed its course in such a way that theoretical knowledge and practical training are given equal weightage. F6 Design and Solutions have made their curriculum with 85 days of intensive training sessions of students with top industry guides and 45 days of hands-on experience on real-time live projects. This BIM course in Nagpur covers basics to advanced levels of Revit Architecture along with assistance in schematic design through construction & documentation. Towards the end of the course, mentors will take sessions with the students to discuss their career goals and guide them through the interview process, and preparation of CV and portfolio.

5. Ace Design

Course: BIM Professional Course
Mode of Learning: Online/Offline 
Duration: 4 Months 
Placement Assistance: No

Built to upskill architects with the growing need for BIM, Ace Design Institute offers a specialised BIM course in Nagpur both in offline and online modes. A rigorous course that equips the enrolled architects with a proper understanding of software like SketchUp Pro, Lumion, Navisworks, Revit, MetaACE, Rhinoceros 3D, etc. A guaranteed internship at the end of the course waits for the students where they get to experience the real-time difficulties that architects have to face while going through a project. This course includes lifetime access to course material, personal 1:1 guided sessions, portfolio buildings, etc. to help the students crack the interview and land their dream jobs in top architectural firms.

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“If you want something, go get it. Period.”
                              - The Pursuit of Happiness

Be the go-getter and grab the opportunity to learn that one powerful tool that has become the need of the hour—BIM. You took your first step in the pursuit of excellence today by learning about the growing need for BIM for architects in the AEC industry. 

Now is the time to make the bold move and dare to disrupt. Novatr offers the best BIM architecture course where you get the opportunity to learn from industry experts who are the thought leaders at top architectural firms. Enroll in our specialised BIM Professional Course for Architects and get the chance to work on real-time projects.

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