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Top 5 Navisworks Courses to Learn as Architects and Engineers in India (2024)

Sukanya Bhattacharjee

9 min read

February 29, 2024


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Navisworks is a powerful software used for opening 3D models created on various software on a central platform and merging them at once for clash tests and identifying potential problems. It can help professionals in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry improve collaboration, data management, and communication between various departments, stakeholders, and even clients. Navisworks essentially helps in reviewing various structure parameters and fixing mistakes before the construction. Developed by Autodesk, Navisworks has several benefits on its own but it produces the best outcomes when used with 3D design software like Revit and AutoCAD, making it a crucial part of collaboration.

What is Autodesk Navisworks? 

Autodesk Navisworks is a 3D design software primarily used for reviewing design models. It enables users to open, combine, animate and render models of different file types, making it simpler to address conflicts and deliver the outcome effectively. Navisworks software has emerged as one of the most preferred tools by most BIM (Building Information Modelling) experts in the industry.

Clash detection and model coordination

Clash detection and model coordination

Key Features that Make Navisworks Software the Best Option 

Navisworks provides a range of powerful features catering to diverse needs. It comes in three different versions, each with its own set of features like viewing, clash test or detection, project management and scheduling, and simulation. However, to be able to access the specialised features, you may need to bear an additional fee. Take a look below to know more about Navisworks’ three versions:

  • Navisworks Freedom: This is the most basic version of Navisworks that provides the function of viewing Navisworks’ own NWD files. It comes at no cost, making it an ideal starting point for those entering the domain with basic viewing needs.
  • Navisworks Simulate: This is a balanced version that would cost you less than the complete version but lacks the more advanced and necessary features like Navisworks clash detection.
  • Navisworks Manage:  This complete version comes with the entire set of features. You may have to pay the most for this version, but it provides the most extensive features, making it possible to work on complex projects and collaborations efficiently.

Key Features of Navisworks Software

The key features of Navisworks, one of the best Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, include:

  • Easy navigation within the 3D model with customisable viewpoints
  • Opening various file formats
  • Construction simulation process that updates all the participants about the potential problems on-site
  • Exporting a file that combines all project disciplines
  • Rendering using in-house and online engines
  • Estimating quantities of materials, building areas, and various other components
  • Creating animations to see how the construction will appear
  • Clash detection at an early design stage between elements and disciplines, saving time and cost in the construction process
  • Appending and merging 3D models
  • Collaborating with participants in real-time and giving access to various departments

Why Should You Learn Navisworks? 

Enrolling for Autodesk Navisworks training is essential in today’s competitive market. There is a high demand for BIM-skilled professionals but the supply is very low. Therefore, learning Navisworks can be beneficial to gain a competitive edge in the market. Below are some reasons why you should enrol yourself for Autodesk Navisworks training:

1. Career Development 

Image depicting growth

Image depicting career growth

Learning Autodesk Navisworks software is essential for AEC professionals as it is a powerful tool that helps in visualisation, coordination, and project management. Navisworks enables users to integrate and analyse diverse 3D models from different disciplines, facilitating clash detection to identify potential conflicts early in the design process. Enrolling on the Autodesk Navisworks training course will open up opportunities for career advancement and ensure competitiveness in the construction industry.

2. Easy Application

Application of Navisworks for a construction project

Application of Navisworks for a construction project

Autodesk Navisworks provides an entire project review in real-time. The files it loads are smaller than those in programs like Revit, ensuring individuals can quickly load the projects, access them on their laptops, and learn how to use Navisworks. 

Autodesk Navisworks training course improves the efficiency of BIM professionals by offering them features like clash detection and eliminating manual time-consuming reviews. It allows easy design exploration without the need for preprogrammed animations, making project engagement simpler and more engaging for professionals.

3. Effortless Collaboration with Other Tools

BIM software running on a monitor

BIM software running on a monitor

Autodesk Navisworks software is designed to collaborate seamlessly with other architectural software developments. It’s an essential part of Autodesk’s AEC collection, which includes Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and Infrawoks. These programs are designed to complement each other, especially for individuals with specialised BIM skills.

While Revit is a design and planning tool, Navisworks focuses on review functionalities. Therefore, it excels when paired with Revit, converting large 3D models into more manageable files. Navisworks review capabilities include coordination, rendering, simulation, clash detection, and more making it an essential tool for comprehensive project assessment.

5 Best Online Navsiworks Courses for Architects and Engineers 

If you’re an architect or civil engineer with a background in BIM, we highly recommend enrolling on Autodesk’s Navisworks course as it can give you an edge over your competition. The most effective, affordable and convenient medium of learning the Autodesk Navisworks training course is through online training as they are flexible and don’t require you to leave your job. Below is a list best online training courses that can consider:

1. Navisworks and BIM Online Certification Course for Architects and Engineers by Novatr 

BIM Professional Course offered by Novatr BIM Professional Course offered by Novatr

Duration: Eight and Nine months

Fee: INR 2,45,000

Certification:  Triple-certification

Placement Assistance: Yes

Lifetime Access: Yes

Novatr offers a specialised BIM course for Architects and Civil Engineers that teaches professionals how to use BIM software like Navisworks, Revit, Dynamo, Twinmotion, and BIM360. The online course covers a comprehensive understanding of basic topics like site topography and parametric modelling, along with advanced topics like information management, 3D visualisation and 4D and 5D modelling.

Taught by AEC industry experts, it also emphasises cloud collaboration, optimal workflows, clash detection, coordination and visual programming. Individuals are then encouraged to implement what they learn by participating in an actual RIBA-structured capstone project closely guided by mentors. Upon course completion, individuals receive triple certificates from Autodesk, NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), and Novatr.

2. BIM – Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2023 – From Zero to Advanced by Udemy 

Duration: 11.5 hours 

Fee:  INR 499

Certification: Yes

Placement Access:  No

Lifetime Access: Yes

This is an affordable course option with a limited time commitment. It covers everything you need to know about Navisworks Manage, including clash detection between disciplines in large-scale projects, 4D and 5D simulation, communication between Navisworks and Revit and data management for display. This Navisworks training course will also teach you how to create animations, identify and report clashes to the relevant department, and improve your communication and collaboration skills. This is a project-based course, which means you’ll gain hands-on experience working on real-world projects. However, since the industry is competitive, we recommend you enrol for a comprehensive BIM program.

3. Autodesk Navisworks Essentials by Koenig Solutions 

Duration: 32 hours 

Fee: INR 60000 (excluding GST)

Certification: Yes

Placement Access: No

Lifetime Access: No

This Navisworks training course provides a holistic knowledge of the software to manage and collaborate on construction projects effectively. It covers fundamental topics with hands-on experience in navigation, reviewing and editing 3D design files, creating simulations, conducting checks, and creating photorealistic images. It teaches how to use Navisworks TimeLiner, Scripter and Presenter, as well as clash detection, rendering, and animation, under the guidance of certified instructors. It’s an ideal course for individuals in the AEC sector. 

4. Navisworks BIM Essential by Augmin Tech

Duration: Three hours and five minutes

Fee: INR 4999

Certification: Yes

Placement Access: No

Lifetime Access: No (365 days of access)

Offered by Augmin Tech, this course is an excellent option for individuals who want to understand the basics of Navisworks within a short time. The course is designed to provide an engaging learning experience and covers the fundamental aspects, such as software setup, integration with Revit projects, familiarity with different versions, navigation through the interface, and import and export of viewpoints and element IDs. The curriculum also guides individuals in mastering clash detection, Navisworks TimeLiner, and animation. 

5. Navisworks Essential Training by the Knowledge Academy 

Duration: Eight hours 

Fee: INR 39,999

Certification: Yes

Placement Access: No 

Lifetime Access: No (90 days access)

This Navisworks training course is a well-structured program led by world-class experienced instructors. Professionals can download case studies and exercise files and study them at their convenience. The course curriculum covers Navishworks file types, their applications, integration with Revit models,  and effective collaboration through appending and merging 3D models. It also teaches navigation of 3D models using orbit tools, import and export of viewpoints, clash detection, and project coordination. With 24/7 support available, individuals receive assistance whenever needed. This program is best suited for architects and engineers. 

Embark on a New Journey With Navisworks 

Navisworks allows professionals to navigate seamlessly across various disciplines and gives them control over projects. Embracing these advanced tools can open new opportunities and position you as a future-ready professional. Taking up the Navisworks training course can be a rewarding experience for your career. However, before selecting a course, evaluate the curriculum, mentors, capstone projects, and placement opportunities. 

If you are looking for a reliable platform to learn Navisworks, check out the BIM Professional Course for Architects and Engineers by Novatr. Both courses are comprehensively designed by industry veterans and taught by industry experts. You will also get the opportunity to test your skills on a capstone project and build your portfolio.

Head to our Resources Page to get more insights on the importance of BIM and why you need to learn it.

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