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Why Upskill With Oneistox

mausam jamwal

8 min read

October 11, 2022


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Hi, you! Good to see you here!

If you are one of our regular visitors, you know that we @ the Learning Hub in Oneistox have been working dedicatedly to build a database of practical knowledge for young designers out there. If this is your first visit, give our Hub a scroll, you’ll see what I mean by that!

As fellow designers, today I write to be (almost brutally) honest with you. Learning as much as possible from free content is every student’s goal, but the decision to upskill gets trickier when slightly more time, money and effort is involved.

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Even when you decide to invest in your own upskilling, why not go for one of the behemothic online-learning platforms out there? We are all aware of various ed-tech giants offering a vast plethora of courses on every subject possible. And if that’s what works for you, by all means, go for it! In fact, we even compiled this list of the best platforms for your ready reference.

But first, give me a chance to explain why learning with Oneistox is a better choice for you as a designer. Stick with me till the end, because these 5 minutes may help you make a better education decision for yourself!

Here are 8 reasons why designers choose to upskill with Oneistox:

1. Because Oneistox is Made FOR Designers…

How often do you find an online education platform built exclusively for designers? Answer: Not often at all!

Design learning needs are unique, and do not adhere to traditional methods used for delivering instruction. Juries, ‘crits’, mentoring and group work are all essential parts of design education, which cannot be recreated easily on normal Learning Management Systems. And that, my friend, is exactly where we step in.

Participants experimenting with Grasshopper 3D with Oneistox at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

2. …BY Designers

You may ask how we are so sure about the needs of design students and young professionals. That’s because we are (or have been) design students and practicing professionals! Our Co-Founders and a lot of our team are SPA Delhi Alumni, and our interns are often design students, all working together to create the best learning experience for you.

Members of the Oneistox Tribe

3. And Before You Ask, Yes ALL Designers!

Architecture. Interiors. Product. Graphics. User Interface. Fashion. Industrial. Automotive. Exhibition...I could go on. Guess which word goes and joins with all of them?

Yep, it’s design.

We consider all allied design professionals to be a part of a larger community, and our courses endeavour to cater to more than just a singular design field.

Take the example of our Rhino + Grasshopper 101 course. This is an online design course that skips past boundaries between creators to benefit all interested in parametric design and computational modelling. Thus, Oneistox is a community that you will never feel left out from!

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4. Because Your Design Career is Not a ‘Hobby’

Is there anything worse than the sweat, blood and tears that is your career being equated to a hobby?

We don’t lump you in with learners seeking a pastime or a diversion (not that there’s anything wrong with that), because we’re well aware that your design career needs courses with relevant exercises, practical outcomes, and remarkable professional upgradation. Our social community goes beyond providing courses to offering career advice, counselling, and a platform for discussion.

More than anything, Oneistox understands that the stakes of your learning are much higher, and we respect that reality.

Still from a Rhino + Grasshopper 101 course session

5. Because We Collaborate With the Best

Don’t just take our word for quality. Take theirs ↑.

Be it our mentors or participating institutions, we have been associated with the very best in the industry to deliver high-quality learning experiences to you. Our teachers are selected not just for their experience or name, but also for their ability to convey information in a clear and precise manner.

Partnering with institutions like National Institute of Design (NID), Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Schools of Planning and Architecture (SPAs), and many more holds us to the highest standards of design learning. Oneistox collects and curates the experiences of the sharpest design minds today in the form of online design courses, to deliver them straight to you.

A Oneistox Workshop with renowned Architect and Director of PSI Energy, Gaurav Shorey

6. Because We Make Sure Your Learning is In-Depth

This is an education ethic that we are particularly proud of, and work hard to maintain every single day. While other ed-tech platforms out there might give you a vast variety of courses on a seemingly endless list of topics, most of them compromise on the depth of their learning.

At Oneistox, we don’t just scratch the surface of a subject, we make sure you have a respectable, working knowledge of it. More than just a topic to mention weakly on your resume, we make sure that our courses make you highly confident in the skillset you just gained.

Work by a Oneistox Learner, Jason Ong

7. Because We Give You 100% Guidance

Not all of us have the time, motivation, or energy to curate their own learning. Theoretically, you can learn whatever you want from the world wide web, but that’s easier said than done!

Oneistox is more than just a bunch of instructional videos on the internet. We are here for every doubt, question, and obstacle you may come across during the learning process, anticipating and planning for them before they even arise! Just be willing to learn, and leave the rest to us.

You don’t have to worry about a thing.

I admire the intricacy of the details that are taught and the quality of the workshops that is maintained throughout. I wish we could learn such interesting topics in our college.

- Palash Bhatia

I got more than what I expected, I learnt new techniques which I lacked all these years.

- Ibrahim Sigbatullah

8. Because We Have a Larger Goal..

…to uplift the design community as a whole. Now more than ever, the design industry is facing massive challenges with unemployment, job security, low pay, and large-scale exploitation.

However, instead of just complaining about it, Oneistox is here to drive the change. We connect young professionals with the industry and experts, proffering relevant courses designed to have a significant impact on your career. More than that, we build networks and a large community of individuals invested in creating pride and bettering the state of design careers today.

Are you convinced? If yes, check out our online design courses here and begin your upskilling journey with Oneistox. If not, then you’re welcome to our database of free resources on the Learning Hub and a daily stream of information on our Instagram page!

Either way, welcome to the Oneistox Tribe!

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