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Unlocking Your Civil Engineering Potential: Building a Career with BIM

  • calendar 29 Nov 2023
  • 8:00 PM IST Onwards
watch 90 Min

Group 27860
Arunkumar Shambu

Digital Twin Consultant & BIM Specialist


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About the webinar

Are you a Civil Engineer looking to elevate your career and embrace the cutting-edge technology that's transforming the industry?

Join us for an enlightening session on how Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be the key to unlocking your Civil Engineering career.

What You'll Learn:
In this webinar, we'll explore the fascinating world of BIM and its profound impact on the construction and design industry.


You'll gain insights into:

- Explore how BIM technology is reshaping the field of civil engineering by streamlining the design process. Learn about the power of 3D modelling, data integration, and collaborative tools that enable architects to work more efficiently and effectively.

- Dive into real-world projects and case studies that highlight the transformative impact of BIM in civil engineering. Explore how BIM has been used to optimize large-scale infrastructure projects, enhance project coordination, reduce errors, and improve cost control.

- Uncover the exciting career opportunities and advancements awaiting civil engineers who embrace BIM as an integral part of their professional journey. Learn about the growing demand for BIM specialists and how mastering BIM can make you a highly sought-after professional in the construction industry.


Who Should Attend:
- Aspiring Civil Engineers
- Experienced Civil Engineers looking to stay competitive
- Design and construction professionals interested in BIM
- Anyone passionate about the future of architecture, construction and technology


Don't miss this opportunity to discover how BIM can unlock your potential and shape the future of your career.

Join us for an engaging discussion and bring your questions for our expert speaker.


Key takeaways

  • Understanding the fascinating world of BIM and its profound impact on the construction and design industry;
  • Learn about the power of 3D modelling, data integration, and collaborative tools:
  • Real-world success stories where BIM transformed projects:
  • Know about the invaluable benefits that come with adopting BIM:
  • Career opportunities that await civil engineers who embrace BIM.

Meet the speakers

Group 27860
Arunkumar Shambu

Architect, Software Developer

Arun is a seasoned BIM Professional with over 17+ years of BIM industry experience across all vertices of the AEC industry. With a demonstrated history of working on BIM platforms and the construction industry. Skilled in BIM, BIM Execution Plan and BIM Software, throughout his career, Arun has worked with renowned firms like AutoDesk, KDG Architecture, Capricot Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Turner Construction Company, Microgenesis, MAchani Group, and more. With his footprints across mega projects like the Bengaluru Airport, New Delhi Airport Terminal 3, and more, Arun can rightly be called the OG BIM Professional in India.