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Top Revit Architecture Courses in India for 2024


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December 28, 2023


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Most students enrol in architecture schools aiming to create unique designs and structures, inspired by the likes of Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Bjarke Ingels, and similar practitioners. However, their only problem is - how to design such buildings with traditional software like AutoCAD.

Enter Autodesk Revit, a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool.

Developed by Autodesk, Revit architecture software is widely used in the industry to design, visualise, and collaborate on building projects from concept to project management and completion. Wish to read more about Revit and how it can help architects? Read through the blog to learn more about Revit in architecture and its scope in the Indian market. Also, learn about the best Revit architecture offline and online courses in India for architects.

Decoding Autodesk Revit and its Role in Architecture 

Even though Revit in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry has been around for more than two decades, its importance and application are just coming into the limelight. The AEC industry is marching towards digitisation and staying up-to-date with industry-relevant skills is crucial. All professionals must learn tools that emphasise problem-solving rather than just drafting. Revit in architecture design lets you think and design creative ideas by freeing up your time spent on repetitive tasks and manual clash-coordination.

Application of Revit in Architecture
Application of Revit in Architecture

Why make the switch to a 3D BIM application, Revit? 

“The forecasted increase to 89% usage of BIM by architects by 2024 indicates a strong upward trend in its adoption.”

                                                                         ~ Architectural Technology Journal

As cities are becoming more crowded, architects are required to think outside the box to ensure that urban spaces are functional and beautiful. Autodesk Revit can play a crucial role by converting 2D plans into 3D models easily where the 3D modelling BIM tool will automatically update the plans, sections, and elevations post any design or model changes.

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Top Revit Architecture Offline & Online Courses in India in 2024 

Every architect must upskill in Revit and other BIM tools to prepare themselves for the industry’s future. Finding the right Revit architecture course will play a pivotal role here. Take a look below at the top Revit architecture offline and online courses in India for architects:

1. BIM Professional Course by Novatr


Mode of Learning: Online 

Duration: Nine months 

Placement Assistance: Yes

Novatr is a platform built by the architects for the architects. Coming from the same broken industry, Novatr recognised the struggles and pain points of aspiring professionals due to a lack of digital tools, technology, and relevant skills. So, they took it upon themselves to rectify the situation and started their one-of-a-kind Revit architecture course, BIM Professional Course for Architects.

This nine-month-long online training course prepares the architects with all the software arsenal needed for the real-time application. The course comes with an industry-relevant curriculum curated by the top industry leaders. You will get to learn 15+ BIM software and their workflows including BIM. Also, you will work on a multi-select capstone project to test your skills and prepare a portfolio to impress your future hiring companies. Novatr’s BIM course is a triple-certification course and your best option if you wish to become an all-around BIM professional. Novatr also offers a specialised eight-month long BIM Profesional Course for Civil Engineers to help them learn the most-demanded industry skills and get future-ready.

2. Revit Architecture Course by SMECLabs 




Mode of Learning: Offline

Duration: Three months 

Placement Assistance: Yes

Being a government-approved NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) centre, SMEClabs aims to prepare learners and early professionals for a future-ready India. Their course module covers the Revit architecture software in its entirety, from the under-interface, conceptualisation, modelling, and walkthrough to scheduling quantities and material take-offs. They have superior facilities in their training centres all around the country and have highly skilled professionals as their faculty. This Revit course helps national and international students with placements and provides them with national and international-level certification. 

3. Architectural Global Course by BIMLabs Global
BIMLabs Global

BIMLabs Global

Mode of Learning: Online and Offline 

Duration: 400 hours (Guaranteed one Month Internship)

Placement: Not specified

This Revit architecture course by BIMLabs Global provides real-time knowledge of software like Autodesk Revit and Navisworks, Dynamo, Enscape, and BIM360 which are required for any architect to qualify as industry-ready. After completing the Revit architecture certification course, learners get to apply their skills in the real world through a three-month internship provided by BIMLabs. Each student gets Autodesk and BIMLabs certification after the completion of a three-month internship.

4. BIM Ready (Arch + Structure) Course by TechnoStruct Academy 

Techno Struct Academy

Techno Struct Academy

Mode of Learning: Online 

Duration: 3.5 Months 

Placement Assistance: Yes

TechnoStruct Academy offers international certification in BIM Architecture and Structure. Their dual certification program propels the learners to forge their path toward a tech-oriented career. The course includes one-on-one guidance from experts regarding Revit architecture software and a complete understanding of the BIM process. TecnoStruct Academy also offers free lifetime membership in the TSA placement cell.

5. BIM Professional Course by Ace Design Institute 

Ace Design Institute Ace Design Institute 

Mode of Learning: Online/Offline 

Duration: Four Months 

Placement Assistance: No

Ace Design Institute offers a specialised Revit software course both in offline and online modes. This detailed program is designed to thoroughly educate students and aspiring architects with software know-how of Revit, BIM360, Navisworks, MetaACE, Rhino Grasshopper, and more. The institute offers a guaranteed internship at the course end where they get to experience the real-time difficulties that architects face during a project. This course comes with lifelong access to learning materials, personalised one-on-one guidance, and portfolio development assisting the learners in securing jobs at leading architectural firms.


Necessity is indeed the mother of invention but to stay relevant in the industry, one has to believe that “necessity is also the mother of innovation." Only by adopting new tech-oriented solutions, upskilling, and learning to find innovative solutions to modern problems can one smoothly sail through their career ladder. Learning Revit and BIM workflow is your key to staying relevant in the industry. With the software knowledge, you can bring your innovations to life without worrying about the long, gruesome hours spent on repetitive tasks done manually.

So, if you wish to rise above mediocrity and be part of the innovators, explore Novatr’s BIM Professional Course for Architects. This Revit architecture course will help you surpass your competition and gain mastery over Revit plus 15 other BIM software. You will also get access to 70+ live sessions, 10 guided career sessions, and soft skills training to become Professional 2.0.

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