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Explore 5 Best Architecture Courses in India in 2024

Bandana Singh

6 min read

May 24, 2024


Table of Contents

Architecture is a process of planning and designing, and the industry is constantly growing and evolving in India. However, the architecture industry is undergoing a technological transformation. This has led the professionals to upskill to obtain a financially rewarding career. Many professionals are looking for best architecture courses in India to upskill and become competitive in this field.

By choosing the best architecture course with up-to-date curriculum, professionals can learn software and tools. If you are looking for same, you’re on the right page. Read the blog to find the top architectural courses for architects.

Benefits of Pursuing Architecture Courses

 A construction site in progress with tall cranes and metal scaffolding

Architecture courses are beneficial for aspiring architects in multiple ways, such as teaching innovative and unique design approaches, learning software and tools, boosting career growth, and more. The best architecture courses in India will help you understand the concept of Indian architecture, and with this you can learn multiple ways to create more efficient, visually appealing, and sustainable building designs. 

1. Problem-Solving Skills

Architecture courses are designed to challenge and expand your problem-solving abilities. You'll learn to address complex design and construction issues, developing innovative solutions that are efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing, based on the clients' needs and requirements.

2. Professional Recognition

Completing  accredited architecture courses from the best institutes will lead to professional recognition. This not only boosts your credibility but also opens up opportunities for licensure and certification, which are crucial for advancing and growing in the field.

3. Experience of Collaborative Environment

These courses often offer real-world project environments, where you will get a chance to collaborate with other applicants and industry specialists to work on real projects to have the practical field knowledge.  This experience is invaluable, as the ability to work effectively in team settings is essential in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

4. Career Advancement

With the right qualifications from the best architecture online courses, you can significantly enhance your career prospects. Whether you aim to become a professional architect or specialise in a particular area of construction, these courses provide the foundational knowledge and skills needed for advancement.

5. Technical Proficiency

Architecture courses will help keep you ahead of the latest technological advancements in design and construction. From mastering CAD (Computed-aided Design) software to understanding sustainable building practices, these courses equip you with the technical skills demanded by the industry.

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5 Best Architecture Courses in India

An architect pointing to an architectural building mode

Finding the right and best architecture courses in India can be overwhelming. It is crucial to consider all the factors like syllabus, course timeline, fees, placement opportunities, and more. To ease the work for you, we have come up with a list of the top 5 architecture courses in India that you can apply for:

1. BIM Professional Course For Architects - By Novatr (H3)

Duration: Six Months
Mode of learning: Online
Placement Assistant: Yes

The BIM Professional Course for Architects by Novatr is one of the best online architecture courses, tailored to help aspiring architects develop critical Building Information Modeling (BIM) skills. This course offers comprehensive training on using BIM software, understanding BIM methodologies, and implementing BIM processes in architectural projects. Participants will learn to plan, design, manage, and execute projects efficiently, enhancing stakeholder collaboration and improving project outcomes. This education is invaluable for architects aiming to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and meet the industry's increasing demand for BIM expertise. 

2. Architectural BIM - By BIMLabs Global

Duration: 16 Days
Mode of learning: Online & Offline
Placement Assistant: Yes

The Architectural BIM course by BIMLabs Global is designed to offer in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with BIM technologies, focusing on the specific needs of architects. It emphasises practical skills in BIM software tools, collaborative project management techniques, and integrating BIM processes into architectural design and documentation. This course is ideal for aspiring architects looking to gain competitive knowledge by mastering BIM, enhancing their design efficiency, and improving their ability to collaborate on complex projects.

3. Advanced Revit & BIM Certification Course By Kaarwan

Duration: Eight Weeks
Mode of learning: Online
Placement Assistant: Yes

The Advanced Revit & BIM Certification Course by Kaarwan is one of the best online courses for architecture. It is specially designed for aspiring architects who want in-depth knowledge and skills in Revit and BIM technologies. This course covers advanced modelling, documentation, and collaboration techniques within the Revit software, empowering participants to execute complex architectural projects efficiently. It's beneficial for enhancing technical proficiency, improving project management capabilities, and meeting the industry's demand for skilled BIM professionals. 

4. International Certification In BIM Architecture And Structure - BIM-Ready (Arch + Structure) - By TechnoStruct Academy

Duration: Three-and-a-half months
Mode of learning: Online
Placement Assistant: Yes

The International Certification in BIM Architecture and Structure by TechnoStruct Academy is an excellent course for aspiring architects looking to excel in BIM. It focuses on both architectural and structural aspects, providing a comprehensive understanding of BIM processes. Students learn advanced BIM software skills, project management, and collaborative techniques, crucial for modern construction projects. This certification is beneficial for those aiming to enhance their expertise in digital construction technologies and seeking to stand out in the AEC field.

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5. Revit Architecture Course - By SMECLabs

Duration: Three months
Mode of learning: Online
Placement Assistant: Yes

The Revit Architecture Course by SMECLabs is specially curated for aspiring architects to master Autodesk Revit, which is a crucial tool in BIM technology. This course focuses on teaching the fundamentals and advanced features of Revit, enabling participants to proficiently model, design, and manage architectural projects. It's beneficial for enhancing technical skills, improving design visualisation, and preparing students for the demands of modern architectural practices.


The benefits of pursuing architecture courses in India is huge, offering a blend of technical proficiency, creative exploration, and practical application. The above-mentioned architecture courses in India for 2024 stand out for their comprehensive curriculum, esteemed faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, preparing the architects for successful careers in the AEC industry. For those looking to enhance their skills with a focus on BIM, Novatr’s BIM Professional Course for Architects is an excellent course for you.

Novatr provides advanced training and resources, setting a solid foundation for aspiring architects to excel in their field. For more information and industry trends, you can also check our Resource Pages!

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